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********** ALCASAR CHANGELOG **********
-------------------- 3.5.2 --------------------
- ALCASAR can now let the @MAC of a user authenticated during 24h (attribute "authorized its equipment (yes/no)")
- Ask the "unbound" Mageia packager to add "--enabled-ipset" for the next Mageia-8. validated :
- Improve IoT capture system
- Manufacturer mac addresses resolution list is now embeded in ALCASAR archive
- Admin can add network addresses in blacklist
- The control of the filenames imported in the blacklist is more strict
- End of spanish translation
- Status page is now in HTTPS when interception is also in HTTPS
13,7 → 17,8
- unbound-whitelist doesn't send DNS requests to the listen port of Dnsmasq (55)
- Wrong rights on file "/tmp/current_users.txt"
- fix a radius message
- Web site is now in HTTPS
-------------------- 3.5.1 --------------------
- Integration of the European “WIFI4EU” system (in the exploitation doc)