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Ignore whitespace Rev 2943 → Rev 2944

8,11 → 8,12
- add the favicon in status page
- add another filter when importing the blacklist to remove line beginning with a dot
- improve tcpdump filter when IoT live captures option is enable
- improve ISO file process (EFI + USB) : Thanks to Pierre RIVAULT
- adapt CA certificate to edge/chrome (add the "Subject Alt Name" - SAN)
- improve "" script : can create server certificate for every hostname (not only alcasar.localdomain)
- kernel 5.10.27 + coova-chilli 1.6 + nfdump 1.6.22
- kernel 5.10.30 + coova-chilli 1.6 + nfdump 1.6.22
- move all alcasar systemd units in "/etc/systemd" (compliant with Linux file-hierarchy)
- ISO File is now created from an running alcasar system with updated packages.
- ISO file can now boot on more devices (USB, EFI, VM, etc.) with several video configurations : Thanks to Pierre RIVAULT
- Fix a display bug in ACC activity & stat page
- Add the CA chain certificates in Coova in order to allow authentication with the last versions of Chrome/Edge