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Mageiar ISO builder
The goal here is to create a minimalist ISO image of Mageia-Linux with the ALCASAR archive and all its RPM dependencies.
How it works
The script uses an official Mageia docker image to retrieve a recursive list of dependecies that are downloaded and packaged in the installation ISO. ALCASAR dependencies list, as well as its kernel version, are retrieved from the ALCASAR tarball archive.
Once the ISO is done, one can boot on it and install the OS normally. The dependencies are installed along the basesystem packages, which means that the Alcasar installer will only download updates.
What it needs
The script can be provided with both the Alcasar tarball archive as well as the Mageia ISO image.
The Alcasar archive can be given in argument using the `-a` option. Otherwise it will be downloaded automatically in its latest version.
The Mageia ISO image is to be placed in the `ressources` directory.
If Mageia image has been provided, it will be downloaded in the docker.
This is because the version has to match the one in the docker
The script's only dependency is the docker service and iptables ("urpmi iptables,docker"). All other dependencies, such as the RPM and ISO tools, will be installed within the docker.
How to use
Usage : buildMageiar [-a alcasar.tar.gz]
What can be done
The ISO image seems to be already as light as it can be. With all the necessary packages, it weighs around 800Mo.
Here is a list of interesting functionnalities:
- Use DrakX to install and configure Alcasar graphically