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# A mapping between the attributes used by dialup_admin and the attribute
# names that will be stored in the SQL database
# Attributes that are not contained in this file are assumed to be reply
# items and map to the same name as the one used by dialup_admin
# Format:
# checkItem|replyItem   Attribute-In-Dialup-Admin       Attribute-In-SQL
checkItem       Auth-Type                       Auth-Type
checkItem       Simultaneous-Use                Simultaneous-Use
checkItem       Called-Station-Id               Called-Station-Id
checkItem       Calling-Station-Id              Calling-Station-Id
checkItem       Dialup-Access                   none
checkItem       Max-Daily-Session               Max-Daily-Session
checkItem       Max-Weekly-Session              Max-Weekly-Session
checkItem       Max-Monthly-Session             Max-Monthly-Session
checkItem       Login-Time                      Login-Time
checkItem       Expiration                      Expiration

replyItem       Service-Type                    Service-Type
replyItem       Framed-Protocol                 Framed-Protocol
replyItem       Framed-IP-Address               Framed-IP-Address
replyItem       Framed-IP-Netmask               Framed-IP-Netmask
replyItem       Framed-Route                    Framed-Route
replyItem       Framed-Routing                  Framed-Routing
replyItem       Filter-Id                       Filter-Id
replyItem       Framed-MTU                      Framed-MTU
replyItem       Framed-Compression              Framed-Compression
replyItem       Login-IP-Host                   Login-IP-Host
replyItem       Login-Service                   Login-Service
replyItem       Login-TCP-Port                  Login-TCP-Port
replyItem       Callback-Number                 Callback-Number
replyItem       Callback-Id                     Callback-Id
replyItem       Framed-IPX-Network              Framed-IPX-Network
replyItem       Class                           Class
replyItem       Session-Timeout                 Session-Timeout
replyItem       Idle-Timeout                    Idle-Timeout
replyItem       Termination-Action              Termination-Action
replyItem       Login-LAT-Service               Login-LAT-Service
replyItem       Login-LAT-Node                  Login-LAT-Node
replyItem       Login-LAT-Group                 Login-LAT-Group
replyItem       Framed-AppleTalk-Link           Framed-AppleTalk-Link
replyItem       Framed-AppleTalk-Network        Framed-AppleTalk-Network
replyItem       Framed-AppleTalk-Zone           Framed-AppleTalk-Zone
replyItem       Port-Limit                      Port-Limit
replyItem       Login-LAT-Port                  Login-LAT-Port
replyitem       Reply-Message                   Reply-Message
replyItem       Dialup-Lock-Msg                 Reply-Message
replyItem       User-Password                   User-Password