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# Used by the Accounting Report Generator page
# Mysql attributes              Description             Show    Use function
RadAcctId                       Accounting Id           no
AcctSessionId                   Session Id              no
AcctUniqueId                    Unique Id               no
UserName                        User Name               yes
Realm                           Realm                   no
NASIPAddress                    NAS IP Address          yes
NASPortId                       NAS Port                yes
NASPortType                     NAS Port Type           no
AcctStartTime                   Login Time              yes
AcctStopTime                    Logout Time             yes
AcctSessionTime                 Session Time            yes     time2str
AcctAuthentic                   AcctAuthentic           no
ConnectInfo_start               Start Connect Info      no      
ConnectInfo_stop                Stop Connect Info       no
AcctInputOctets                 Upload                  yes     bytes2str
AcctOutputOctets                Download                yes     bytes2str
CalledStationId                 CalledStationId         no
CallingStationId                Caller Id               no
AcctTerminateCause              Terminate Cause         no
ServiceType                     Service Type            no
FramedProtocol                  Protocol                no
FramedIPAddress                 Client IP Address       yes
AcctStartDelay                  Accounting Start Delay  no      time2str
AcctStopDelay                   Accounting Stop Delay   no      time2str