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Mageia + ALCASAR (Mageiar) ISO builder


The goal is to create a minimalist ISO image to install both Mageia and Alcasar with all its dependencies.

How it works

The script lists the RPMs installed on a running ALCASAR in order to create a dedicated ISO file.
Once the ISO is done, one can boot on it and install the OS normally. The ALCASAR tarball is available in /root folder.

What it needs

The Mageia ISO image and ALCASAR tarball are to be placed in the `ressources` directory before running the script.

How to use

        Usage :

This script can be run several times (the needed rpms are downloaded only one time) 

What can be done

The ISO image seems to be already as light as it can be. With all the necessary packages, it weighs around 900 Mo.

Here is a list of interesting functionalities:
- Use DrakX to install and configure Alcasar graphically
- Propose an automatic partition table suitable for Alcasar