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By Rexy

ALCASAR need the following programs that don't be included as RPM in Mageia :
  - coovachilli (the captive portal)
  - havp (http antivirus proxy)
  - ipt_netflow kernel module (netflow log system)
  - wkhtmltopdf (html to pdf renderer)
  - nfdump (collector & processor for netflow data)

This howto explains how to build RPM of these programs in order to keep the distribution clean
The compilation options are set in /etc/rpm/macro.d/*

****  Prepare the RPM creation structure ***
- upadate your system : urpmi --auto-update
- install the following RPMs : urpmi kernel-userspace-headers rpm-build gengetopt libtool
- create directories structure in your home : mkdir -p ~/rpmbuild/{SRPMS,SOURCES,SPECS,tmp}
- Option : find the ".rpmmacros" file on mageia wiki ( and copy it in your home directory

****  For Coova-chilli   *****
- install the following RPMs "lib64openssl-devel", "lib64json-c-devel"
- retrieve the last tarball of coova-chilli (or the svn archive).
- Untar it and test the compilation process ("sh ./bootstrap", "./configure --disable-static --enable-shared --enable-largelimits --enable-chilliredir --enable-chilliscript --with-poll --enable-dhcpopt --enable-libjson --enable-json        --enable-mdns --with-openssl", "make", "make install").
- all is in the /usr/local". Remove the instaled files ("make uninstall") and the binaries ("make clean").
- rename the directory and compress it (ie : tar -cvzf coova-chilli-1.x.tgz coova-chilli-1.x). Copy this tarball in the directory ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/.
- copy the SPEC file from the ALCASAR archive to the directory ~/rpmbuild/SPEC
- Add the option -Wno-format-truncation à la ligne "%Werror_cflags" du fichier /etc/rpm/macro.d/20build.macros (avoid the following warning : 
- change to the directory ~/pmbuild/SPEC and run the RPM build process : "rpmbuild -bb coova-chilli.spec" (or rpmbuild -ba to create also the SRPMS) 

INFO : .spec tunning :
        - add this 1st line : "%define _disable_ld_no_undefined 1" to avoid errors for unused references (ld)
        - add the line "automake --add-missing" before "make"
        - for 64b version, add 2 lines with "lib64" directory on the section removing statics binaries (rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib/*.la)
        - remove from the archive the unuused files for ALCASAR (wpad.dat, wwwdir, etc. via la directive '%exclude')
        - change %make (deprecated) with %make_build and change %makeinstall (deprecated) with %make_install

**** For HAVP ****
- install the RPM of clamav-devel
- download, uncompress, and test the compilation of the last version of havp (./configure + make)
- copy the tarball in ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/. copy the patch file ("havp-init.diff") in ~/rpmbuil/SOURCE. Copy and adapt the .spec in ~/rpmbuid/SPEC
- rpmbuild -bb ***.spec

****  For ipt_netflow  ****
- Must be complied on a system which runs the target kernel. So install manually the targeted kernel and the same version of kernel-userspace-headers and reboot (ipt_NETFLOW will not load during this reboot) 
- install the RPMs "kernel-server-devel" (choose the targeted kernel), "lib64iptables-devel"
- download, uncompress and test the compilation of the last version of ipt-netflow (./configure --disable-dkms --disable-snmp-agent, make all install). The module is compiled in the same directory. The libs are copied in the /lib64/iptables ( &
- test the module : go to the directory of sources and try to load it (modprobe ipt_NETFLOW), look at "journalctrl -f" to verify. Run "" to reload netfilter rules (no errors should appear). Run "" to verify that all is ok.
- if all is ok, copy the tarball in rpmbuild/SOURCES.
- Copy and adapt the .spec in rpmbuild/SPECS (change the versions of kernel and rpm).
- Run "rpmbuild -bb ****.spec"
- install the fresh rpm (urpmi) and load ALCASAR iptables rules ( Great job ;-) 

**** For wkhtmltopdf --> no longer need (included in Mageia7) ****
- download the archive of the binaries of the last version ( in ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/wkhtmltox-%{version}_linux-generic-amd64.tar.xz.
- build with: rpmbuild -bb --clean wkhtmltopdf-%{version}-%{release}.spec

**** For nfdump ****
- install lib64rrdtool-devel, bison, flex

**** For gammu --> only if new version is needed
- see .spec or SRPMS and adapt. !! long time compilation