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2709 1259 d 15 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Add the DNS internal configuration in ACC  
2708 1259 d 15 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Add the DHCP relay configuration in ACC  
2705 1259 d 16 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Add LDAPS (LDAP SSL) support  
2693 1295 d 22 h franck /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Déplacement des variables DNS1 et 2 par défaut dans le mode 'non UPDATE'  
2689 1304 d 3 h lucas.echard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Add dhcpd service configuration during installation  
2688 1305 d 15 h lucas.echard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Replace DNSmasq server with Unbound  
2681 1321 d 23 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Fix an unset variable in installer  
2673 1342 d 21 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/  
2670 1346 d 3 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/  
2669 1346 d 21 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Improve install on a server with multiple network card (add internal interface selector instead of choosing the first one)  
2664 1365 d 21 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Automatically launch database migration scripts after import user database  
2657 1380 d 23 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Fix the installer (unrestored changed PWD in NfSen part)  
2651 1381 d 14 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Fix resolution of Internet domain names that are subdomains of the imported certificate domain  
2643 1395 d 4 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Stop installation Surfmap due to terms of use of Google MAP API  
2640 1425 d 17 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Remove empty anacron job  
2631 1433 d 17 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ SMS : chiffrement du mot de passe en sha256 et autorisation pour "gammu_smsd" d'exécuter son script de hook  
2615 1454 d 17 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Print a dedicated error message for each connection error  
2601 1457 d 14 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Launch Gammu at startup when the SMS service is enabled and check Gammu status in alcasar-daemon (and create a Gammu system user)  
2600 1457 d 15 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Save SMS status and number in ALCASAR configuration file (persistent to updates).  
2597 1457 d 15 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Use query in radius/sqlcounter instead of include files  

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