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2823 4 d 9 h rexy /conf/ enable Json in coova + Add favicon  
2815 25 d 5 h rexy /conf/ adapt acc to css (to be continued)  
2814 31 d 5 h rexy /conf/ "server-chain" certificate are now in .pem format  
2813 32 d 6 h rexy /conf/ Choice between several installed certificats (default / official / let's encrypt)  
2776 79 d 4 h rexy /conf/  
2771 96 d 17 h rexy /conf/ Nfsen-ng migration (to be continued)- create of nfcapd unit- remove nfsen legacy- create nfexpire cron file  
2770 107 d 4 h rexy /conf/ - Add IoT capture- Simplify C&C BL management- Begin new "PhpSysInfo" integration  
2768 186 d 12 h rexy /conf/ - Improve control of RPM at installation stage- HAVP has been rebuilded (0.93). It should be removed soon (E2gardian should take the antimalware treatment in account)  
2764 199 d 4 h rexy /conf/ Mageia7 migration (to be continued)  
2763 200 d 9 h rexy /conf/ Mageia7 migration (to be continued)  
2754 225 d 6 h rexy /conf/ Update to the last version of ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment for Let's encrypt certificates)  
2740 341 d 17 h rexy /conf/ - nfdump RPM rebuild- wget update  
2716 444 d 6 h tom.houdayer /conf/ Minor change of the local iptables rule "Allow managers to access ACC from the external network"  
2712 445 d 4 h tom.houdayer /conf/ Fix: get attributes of additional groups in conup/condown  
2706 450 d 4 h tom.houdayer /conf/ Add a global group named "default" for all users (the "ldap" group still exists for users authenticated through LDAP)  
2705 450 d 4 h tom.houdayer /conf/ Add LDAPS (LDAP SSL) support  
2704 450 d 5 h tom.houdayer /conf/ Do not perform LDAP query for authentication of trusted authorized equipment  
2701 461 d 6 h tom.houdayer /conf/ Fix LDAP users login without the "ldap" group created  
2688 496 d 4 h lucas.echard /conf/ Replace DNSmasq server with Unbound  
2678 529 d 6 h lucas.echard /conf/ Update the global_usage file management  

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