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2882 17 d 4 h rexy /conf/radius/ Bug : fix a radius message  
2712 632 d 22 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Fix: get attributes of additional groups in conup/condown  
2706 637 d 23 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Add a global group named "default" for all users (the "ldap" group still exists for users authenticated through LDAP)  
2705 637 d 23 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Add LDAPS (LDAP SSL) support  
2704 637 d 23 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Do not perform LDAP query for authentication of trusted authorized equipment  
2701 649 d 0 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Fix LDAP users login without the "ldap" group created  
2618 833 d 0 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Add counter to "CoovaChilli-Max-Total-Octets" (maximum of data exchanged) RADIUS attribute (in order to prevent quota reset on the login)  
2615 833 d 0 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Print a dedicated error message for each connection error  
2597 835 d 22 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Use query in radius/sqlcounter instead of include files  
2594 835 d 22 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Introduce "Alcasar-Reconnect-Timeout" RADIUS attribute (not yet available in ACC)  
2591 838 d 6 h rexy /conf/radius/ Radius : rapport pour "utilisateur inconnu"  
2513 997 d 5 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Add "Maximum of data exchanged daily/monthly" attributes  
2510 997 d 7 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Add "Alcasar-Expire-After" RADIUS attribute instead of replace "Max-All-Session"  
2505 997 d 8 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Rename RADIUS attributes: "Alcasar-Filter-Proto" to "Alcasar-Protocols-Filter" and "Alcasar-Status-Open-Required" to "Alcasar-Status-Page-Must-Stay-Open"  
2501 1008 d 21 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Explode the "Filter-Id" RADIUS attribute into ALCASAR vendor attributes (they can now be set independently and with a good user/group priority)  
2490 1010 d 21 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Add quotes to values of FreeRADIUS ldap-alcasar configuration file  
2476 1068 d 18 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/ Fix username encoding in FreeRADIUS SQL accounting requests  
2471 1069 d 5 h richard /conf/radius/ Geocity update - remove of an unused sql radius-counter  
2470 1071 d 3 h richard /conf/radius/ Bypass a potential bug with the order of radius modules instanciation (see bug on freeradius git)update Toulouse BL  
2467 1074 d 5 h richard /conf/radius/ Config of RADIUS "ldap module" : ter (It works like a charm!!!) - More tests must be performed after reinstall process  

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