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2618 764 d 20 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/sqlcounter Add counter to "CoovaChilli-Max-Total-Octets" (maximum of data exchanged) RADIUS attribute (in order to prevent quota reset on the login)  
2597 767 d 19 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/sqlcounter Use query in radius/sqlcounter instead of include files  
2513 929 d 2 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/sqlcounter Add "Maximum of data exchanged daily/monthly" attributes  
2510 929 d 3 h tom.houdayer /conf/radius/sqlcounter Add "Alcasar-Expire-After" RADIUS attribute instead of replace "Max-All-Session"  
2471 1001 d 1 h richard /conf/radius/sqlcounter Geocity update - remove of an unused sql radius-counter  
2470 1002 d 23 h richard /conf/radius/sqlcounter Bypass a potential bug with the order of radius modules instanciation (see bug on freeradius git)update Toulouse BL