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2571 2054 d 7 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ update blacklist & wget
2570 2055 d 0 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/scripts/ Don't copy .pem file when updating from 3.2 (doesn't exist)  
2569 2057 d 14 h lucas.echard /repos/alcasar/trunk/scripts/ Restart e2guardian after applying the ALCASAR configuration  
2568 2059 d 1 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/scripts/ Bug : define the uamallowed parameter in coova conf file when applying a new conf  
2567 2060 d 1 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/scripts/ superfluous line  
2566 2062 d 0 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/scripts/ Take care about '.pem' certificate when updating from "apache" to "lighttpd"  
2561 2081 d 1 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Improving the update process (to be continued)  
2560 2091 d 2 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Improve the update processus  
2554 2112 d 12 h lucas.echard /repos/alcasar/trunk/scripts/ Fix Lighttpd certificat generation  
2546 2126 d 21 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Fix configuration of DHCP server for the bypass mode  
2541 2129 d 1 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Migration V3.2 to V3.3  
2521 2160 d 3 h armand.ito /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Upgrade Dansguardian to E2guardian-3.5  
2488 2196 d 8 h lucas.echard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Replace Apache with Lighttpd

Update fail2ban rules
Change web error management
Add a PEM certificate creation for Lighttpd
Replace htdigest Apache tool with a bash function in
2474 2253 d 21 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/scripts/ Fix ALCASAR configuration file parsing in scripts (comments are correctly ignored)  
2432 2322 d 2 h richard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Grub2 update (must be verify again)  
2430 2326 d 0 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/scripts/ remove junk characters  
2412 2357 d 11 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Format ALCASAR-passwords.txt file + scripts are getting passwords from it instead of being "sed" at install  
2409 2360 d 4 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Add "HTTPS_CHILLI" option to ALCASAR configuration file to disable CoovaChilli in HTTPS (because this generates an additional HTTPS exception in case of a self-signed certificate)  
2332 2425 d 8 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/scripts/  
2327 2426 d 0 h richard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Add "HTTPS_LOGIN" attribute in conf file when update from V3.x  

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