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2532 703 d 17 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Remove debug print and outdated comment in + small optimization in acc/admin/ldap.php  
2506 753 d 7 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Fix RADIUS operator of "Alcasar-Imputability-Warning" in  
2502 764 d 20 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Fix imputability logs generation with a password containing spaces  
2501 764 d 20 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Explode the "Filter-Id" RADIUS attribute into ALCASAR vendor attributes (they can now be set independently and with a good user/group priority)  
2454 845 d 2 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Replace indentation spaces with tabulations & remove end of line spaces in script files  
2412 928 d 9 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Format ALCASAR-passwords.txt file + scripts are getting passwords from it instead of being "sed" at install  
2079 1218 d 6 h raphael.pion /scripts/ Génération des journaux d'imputabilités (inversion des colonnes upload <-> download)Ajout de commentaires  
2010 1346 d 7 h raphael.pion /scripts/