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2768 64 d 16 h rexy /scripts/ - Improve control of RPM at installation stage- HAVP has been rebuilded (0.93). It should be removed soon (E2gardian should take the antimalware treatment in account)  
2764 77 d 9 h rexy /scripts/ Mageia7 migration (to be continued)  
2758 85 d 9 h rexy /scripts/ Mageia7 migration (to be continued)  
2745 183 d 10 h rexy /scripts/ - blacklist update- fix when updating from V2.2- Doc update  
2744 183 d 22 h rexy /scripts/ - fix some bugs when reinstalling on a same version- fix bad "wget" package- add a folder "patch" to keep history bugfix  
2740 219 d 22 h rexy /scripts/ - nfdump RPM rebuild- wget update  
2739 235 d 10 h rexy /scripts/ Clean uninstall ACC  
2732 246 d 10 h rexy /scripts/ uninstall process updating (to be continued)  
2728 252 d 11 h rexy /scripts/ kernel 4.14.106 + kernel-firmware-nonfree + freeradius secure updating process (to be continued)  
2689 372 d 21 h lucas.echard /scripts/ Add dhcpd service configuration during installation  
2688 374 d 9 h lucas.echard /scripts/ Replace DNSmasq server with Unbound  
2608 526 d 7 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Remove Gammu system user in  
2597 526 d 8 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Use query in radius/sqlcounter instead of include files  
2560 596 d 11 h rexy /scripts/ Improve the update processus  
2541 634 d 10 h rexy /scripts/ Migration V3.2 to V3.3  
2521 665 d 12 h armand.ito /scripts/ Upgrade Dansguardian to E2guardian-3.5  
2494 701 d 6 h tom.houdayer /scripts/ Fix missing DEBUG variable in (when the uninstaller is not called by the installer)  
2488 701 d 17 h lucas.echard /scripts/ Replace Apache with LighttpdUpdate fail2ban rulesChange web error managementAdd a PEM certificate creation for LighttpdReplace htdigest Apache tool with a bash function in  
2470 761 d 13 h richard /scripts/ Bypass a potential bug with the order of radius modules instanciation (see bug on freeradius git)update Toulouse BL  
2467 764 d 16 h richard /scripts/ Config of RADIUS "ldap module" : ter (It works like a charm!!!) - More tests must be performed after reinstall process  

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