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2666 443 d 19 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Fix a bug on ACC user/group edition (data not refreshed on page after update)  
2658 476 d 1 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Add a small sleep time after users logout in case of slow server  
2655 476 d 14 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Fix user deletion in its filter ipset when its filter is changed  
2653 476 d 14 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Allow "status page must stay open" user/group attribute to be unset in ACC  
2628 532 d 8 h lucas.echard /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Remove weekly period input pattern  
2626 534 d 23 h lucas.echard /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Improve weekly period syntax support  
2618 549 d 18 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Add counter to "CoovaChilli-Max-Total-Octets" (maximum of data exchanged) RADIUS attribute (in order to prevent quota reset on the login)  
2595 552 d 17 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Add original "Max-All-Session" RADIUS attribute  
2565 595 d 5 h lucas.echard /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Add weekly period schedule picker in ACC  
2513 714 d 0 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Add "Maximum of data exchanged daily/monthly" attributes  
2512 714 d 1 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Rename "ChilliSpot-*" RADIUS attributes to "CoovaChilli-*"  
2510 714 d 1 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Add "Alcasar-Expire-After" RADIUS attribute instead of replace "Max-All-Session"  
2505 714 d 2 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Rename RADIUS attributes: "Alcasar-Filter-Proto" to "Alcasar-Protocols-Filter" and "Alcasar-Status-Open-Required" to "Alcasar-Status-Page-Must-Stay-Open"  
2501 725 d 16 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Explode the "Filter-Id" RADIUS attribute into ALCASAR vendor attributes (they can now be set independently and with a good user/group priority)  
2424 864 d 18 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Set status_open_required as simple field in ACC user/group manager  
2402 908 d 22 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Invert status_open_required bit in Filter-Id to simplify ALCASAR updates  
2394 910 d 3 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php The disconnection of users without the status page open can be disabled by a user attribute  
2392 912 d 1 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Reconnect an allowed MAC address after disconnecting it when updating RADIUS attributes  
2349 946 d 4 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Check that user if connected before logout him in CoovaChilli  
2341 946 d 20 h tom.houdayer /web/acc/manager/htdocs/user_edit.php Fix ACC user/group editor where attributes were not changed  

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