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2766 914 d 16 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ - All user pages are now responsive. Thanks to ClĂ©ment GELINEAU
- German translation has been updated. Thanks to Sven RATH
2743 1041 d 16 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ - Responsive "intercept" page  
2688 1219 d 15 h lucas.echard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Replace DNSmasq server with Unbound  
2612 1368 d 21 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/ Display login and SSL certificate blocks transparently instead of deleting them when they are useless on the home page  
2609 1369 d 6 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Don't display CERT menu when user's network flows aren't enable  
2605 1371 d 14 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/ Use protocol-relative URL in web/index.php in order to use HTTPS when the client request the page in HTTPS  
2600 1371 d 14 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Save SMS status and number in ALCASAR configuration file (persistent to updates).  
2592 1372 d 16 h rexy /repos/alcasar/trunk/ - Improve switch "HTTP / HTTPS" interception  
2521 1510 d 18 h armand.ito /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Upgrade Dansguardian to E2guardian-3.5  
2450 1628 d 16 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/ Fix the config file parser in PHP when the value contains a '=' character  
2409 1710 d 19 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Add "HTTPS_CHILLI" option to ALCASAR configuration file to disable CoovaChilli in HTTPS (because this generates an additional HTTPS exception in case of a self-signed certificate)  
2398 1729 d 0 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Set URL of BL/WL blocked page ressources to ALCASAR hostname instead of blocked domain to prevent cache issues & useless overload  
2370 1746 d 15 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Enable HTTPS support for the CoovaChilli JSON API (that allow HTTPS for status.php)  
2293 1796 d 22 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Change the ALCASAR CA certificate extension to .crt (to be added more easily in Firefox)  
2272 1812 d 19 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Move web/pass/index.php to web/password.php  
2252 1825 d 7 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/  
2250 1825 d 16 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Reformat/clean index.php! (except translations)  
2234 1829 d 17 h richard /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Coova HTTPS interception enabled (remove our DNS blackhole system) : waiting for Tom RPM ;-)  
2216 1838 d 17 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/web/ Fix: don't search blacklist categories in case of HTTPS interception  
2215 1838 d 18 h tom.houdayer /repos/alcasar/trunk/ Print blacklist categories of blocked domain on interception page.  

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